Distributing Assets Equitably Under The Law

The surest way to guarantee that your assets are passed on to the appropriate parties is to do some thorough estate planning with a lawyer's help while you are healthy and of sound mind — and to update your will and other documents as needed when your family or your assets undergo major changes.

When it's not perfectly clear which parties should benefit from the distribution of assets after an estate owner's death, disagreements can be resolved through probate litigation.

I have significant experience in litigation, and probate litigation in particular. I work with clients to stand up for their interests and to defend their legal claim to their fair share of an estate when the will in question has not made that claim sufficiently clear.

Understanding Probate And TEDRA In Washington

Since 2000, the probate process in Washington has been governed by the Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act, or TEDRA. This law is designed to help resolve disputes involving estate-related matters, including:

  • The validity of a will
  • The specific language of a will
  • The competency of an estate owner to approve a will at the time it was signed
  • Claims of a surviving spouse or child who is not provided for in a will
  • Third-party claims against an estate
  • Intestate succession (succession without a will)

TEDRA steers many cases toward mediation and settlement outside of court. Whether settlement or litigation is appropriate in your case, I can help you assert your claim and work for a favorable legal outcome.

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